The Pinball Pete's Hockey Club has been around since about 1994. Over the years the torch has been passed on. Currently there are over  50+ club members! The team competes year round in multilple leagues and tournaments. Since 2006 the "Raging Elephants" have won over 30 titles in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.




Old School
2019 SSHL Champs
2018 Ohio Classic Champs
2018 SSHL Gold Champs
2017 Lansing Classic Champs
2017 Indy Classic Champs
2017 Suburban Summer Champs
2017 SSHL Summer Champs
2016 Lansing Classic Champs
2016 Suburban Summer Champs
2016 SSHL 21+ Gold Champs
2016 Indy Classic Champs
2016 Cavemen Cup Champs
2016 Cavemen Cup
2015 SSHL Champs
2014 Suburban Ice Champs
2014 Indy Classic Champs
2013 Suburban 30+ Champs
2013 Ohio Classic Champs
2008 Suburban Ice Champs
2007 Suburban Ice Champs
2005 Lansing Classic Champs

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